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The Rift in the void

Fantasy Adventure

Only the missing mystical sword, Starsoul, can close the rift in the void…if only it can be found.

It will take more than walls, locked gates and a mother’s wishes to keep Divian, the crown prince of Teresia, on the protected path to becoming ruler after the death of his father.

His adventurous spirit — and the questionable notion that only he can prevent the subjugation of the Seven Kingdoms by the returned Demon God — sends him down a different and far more dangerous path.

Divian must embrace his magical heritage, learn the ways of channeling and retrieve Starsoul, the mystical sword given to the King of Teresia by the god Borin to stop the Demon God and close the rift in the void.

But Starsoul was lost long, long ago…and the minions of the Demon God want to make sure that Divian never finds it.

In addition to the booksellers listed above, “The Rift in the Void” is also available from many other sites on the internet.  In the spirit of shopping, I would recommend searching the internet for the best price. cool

This book is an outstanding first effort that morphs into a compelling read. The writing style by Christopher Dean is such that details are provided to enhance the story but not too much to bog the reader down. It flows so well that the characters can be related to (even though I know not what it is to be a crown prince). 

T. Schroeder

This beginning installment of a coming-of-age saga takes place in a delightfully not Earth, not now place and time. The scenes take place in lavishly described other-worldly places. The characters: the Prince, his friends and those others who influence him,the spirits, undead, and immortals, a henchman, a want-to-be royal, the royal court, even a dragon – are all well spoken in-kind, believable in the story’s contexts.

A touching oft romantic adventure tale you’ll want to devour, savor, and find elements touching you as they do the story’s characters.

Will A.

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