You may or may not have noticed but I’ve been away from the writing scene for a while — but I’m happy to say that I’m back 😊

Lands of Guir was originally introduced to the internet in 2011, around the time that “The Rift in the Void“, published by Outskirts Press was launched. It was a means for me to interact and collaborate with other authors and fans. I met some wonderful people and had the opportunity to share common interests with many of you. I hope to do so again.

What happened to Lands of Guir?

Lands of Guir disappeared rather unintentionally. I made a mistake while attempting to move from one hosting provider to another, and lost my WordPress database and thus most of my content 😪 Restoring the web site (site rebuild) would be a daunting task and before I could even get started several important life events got in the way — as life tends to do on occasion.

I was able to recover some of the site formats for the site rebuild from the Wayback Machine which helped tremendously. The rest I’ve had to redevelop from scratch. I think the end result is turning out to be an improvement, so it’s not all bad; I’ll continue to make improvements over time as I’m able. And while the original postings may be lost, I’m looking forward to sharing anew.


While the focus of Lands of Guir may be around writing and publishing, it is also very much about sharing common interests. As you know, the creative process is an inner journey, whether you be a sculptor, an author, or an artist. So talking about passions is as much about the individual as it is the art. And I hope you’ll join me in sharing our mutual passions — whatever those may be.

It’s great to be back…so please introduce yourself and say ‘Hello’.

’til next time,

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