Comic Books

One of my favorite pastimes over the past many years has been reading and collecting comic books.  I’m not talking about the funny books as referred to in early days (pre-1960s), but the current mainstream comic book magazines that tell modern stories with characters that are relatable.  This would later be referred to as the Silver Age of comics and is typically associated with the early days of Marvel Comics when the Amazing Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, and the X-Men were published.

In the next X number of posts I’ll be sharing with you my experiences and the journey I’ve taken over the past 40+ years reading and collecting comic books.  I will try to be as forthcoming with facts as possible, without overwhelming you with too many details.  If you feel more information would be helpful, please be sure to let me know.

Fair Use

Also, I’ll add some pictures now and then to supplement my story or help illustrate a point.  Keep in mind that these covers are the copyright of their respective publishing companies and I’m sharing in the spirit of “fair use”.

Also keep in mind that while I’m going to try to be as factual as possible, this story is based upon my personal experiences and therefore may be skewed by my perceptions and imperfect memory.  In other words, I will most likely get some things wrong and that’s okay. 😊 

I hope you’ll join me down memory lane and can relate with some of my experiences. Definitely leave a comment and let me know what you think. I’m very much looking forward to hearing from you.

‘til next time,

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