As I briefly mentioned in my first blog post even though this site spends time talking about authoring and publishing, it is also about common interests — interests and activities that I enjoy that you may also enjoy. I’d like to know more about what you enjoy, why you enjoy it and other details. A good writer is attentive to the things around them, including human interests as well as the environment. So let me know what you enjoy. 😊

With that said, here are some of the things that I’m enthusiastic about or enjoy and plan to share with you in the near future:

  • golf
  • bowling
  • hiking
  • photography
  • comic book collecting
  • movies
  • pets
  • computer games

That’s a short list but obviously enough to write about for years! I’ll add to it as other ideas come to mind. And it’s in no particular order. In fact, I think the first topic I’d like to spend some time on, and I hope it’s a common interests you have as well, is “comic book collecting”. 😍

’til next time,

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