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My Story

Hello!  I am Christopher Warren Dean, an aspiring author who loves to create and share his creations.  I love all things about writing, especially the creative process of putting together all of the connecting pieces that ultimately reflects a well-architected and entertaining story.  It’s a journey, and it’s one I’d like to share with you.

While all writers strive and hope for success, I find that there are many ways to measure ‘success’.  To me it is the journey that I enjoy the most, learning as I go, with the finished manuscript being the final destination.  I hope you’ll tag along for my next adventure and should you find that you enjoy one of my stories, all the better.  I’m excited you’re here and look forward to meeting you, my future traveling partners.  Welcome!


The Rift in the Void


Only the missing mystical sword, Starsoul, can close the rift in the void…if it can be found.


The author takes great care in creating a writing style that is easy to consume. I find his style refreshing and non-taxing which is something I need after a day of work. His creation of atmospheres and characters flow into the story almost imperceptibly. 

– r. stites