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  • Comic Books Collecting, Part 1

    Comic Books Collecting, Part 1

    Childhood Memories and the Kennedy Tailing Wheels I spent the early years of my childhood in central California. Most of what I remember was very enjoyable, spending lots of time outdoors with friends, exploring the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I distinctly have fond …Read More »
  • Intro to “Comic Books Collecting: An Avid Collector’s Journey”

    Intro to “Comic Books Collecting: An Avid Collector’s Journey”

    Comic Books One of my favorite pastimes over the past many years has been reading and collecting comic books.  I’m not talking about the funny books as referred to in early days (pre-1960s), but the current mainstream comic book magazines that tell modern stories with …Read More »
  • Common Interests

    Common Interests

    As I briefly mentioned in my first blog post even though this site spends time talking about authoring and publishing, it is also about common interests — interests and activities that I enjoy that you may also enjoy. I’d like to know more about what …Read More »
  • Community – Consider Registering

    Community – Consider Registering

    As I was continuing to tweak our site, I realized that as currently configured it doesn’t support much around the community. Thus my request to introduce yourself isn’t very easy to do as is. Still, you can respond to my posts via Comments below and …Read More »

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