The Rift in the Void

Only the missing mystical sword, Starsoul, can close the rift in the void…if only it can be found.

It will take more than walls, locked gates and a mother’s wishes to keep Divian, the crown prince of Teresia, on the protected path to becoming ruler after the death of his father.

His adventurous spirit — and the questionable notion that only he can prevent the subjugation of the Seven Kingdoms by the returned Demon God — sends him down a different and far more dangerous path.

Divian must embrace his magical heritage, learn the ways of channeling and retrieve Starsoul, the mystical sword given to the King of Teresia by the god Borin to stop the Demon God and close the rift in the void.

But Starsoul was lost long, long ago…and the minions of the Demon God want to make sure that Divian never finds it.

The characters in The Rift in the Void:

Prince Divian: heir to the kingdom of Teresia who must find Starsoul and defeat the Demon God if he’s to save his people

Merik: a wise and mysterious mystic ordained by the god Borin to protect his people from those that would subjugate them

Kendel: a farm boy and Divian’s best friend, who finds himself following the same path as Divian, whether he wants to or not

Rhea: a free-spirited young woman who is willing to buck norms in order to define her own future

Althea: a talented young Weaver who is torn between the world she grew up with and those of her newfound friendsĀ